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Sure, you can do those things. But we do have the internet now. You do you, I’m just saying that sounds like a lot of trouble to go through to save 30$ on having connectivity. I lived long before the internet. Things were not easier. But, life isn’t about everything being easy and you’re free to do things the harder (and potentially more fun?) way if you’d like!


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One of the first things I do after I book my trip internationally is decide if i'm going to get a sim card or a wifi hotspot. It's literally the only way you can get directions, translations, communicate with airbnb, etc? I feel like it's just irresponsible not to do this?


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I'm considering buying a backup iphone 13 mini for when my current iphone 13 mini dies. I don't want a big phone, the mini is the perfect size for me. Very disappointed they scrapped the mini. I have the Samsung flip also thinking it'd be a nice small phone to have, but it's actually a lot bigger with a case on it. And annoying to use.