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At least twice, I’d guess, since there’s “initial encounter” and “subsequent encounter”.

Probably not very often, though, because there isn’t a code for “somebody tell this person to stay away from turtles”.


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I don’t. We were watching an episode of Alone, where one of the contestants caught a porcupine but discovered upon cleaning it that it was infected with tularemia. I was curious if the meat would be safe if properly cooked, so I looked it up.

And that, kids, is how I met the phrase “the only place in the world where documented cases of tularemia resulted from lawn mowing”.


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The actual phrasing in the Wikipedia article is “in a lawnmower” which, while technically correct, sounds a little stilted to me.

The oddest part for me is that apparently it’s happened more than once. I mean, sure, a brush hog doesn’t discriminate, but here in the burbs rabbits run from push mowers. I’d expect a tractor with a brush hog makes a lot more noise. Though I suppose it’s also faster.


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That was something that annoyed me in the pilot episode of The West Wing. One of the characters is loudly complaining that the New York Times crossword puzzle misspelled the name of the Libyan leader at the time, Muammar Gaddafi. Unless you’re writing it in Arabic script, there is no one right spelling.