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I think a lot of it is that they tell you to call 911 if you see lines down, but the dispatch center isn't liasoning with the utility so that they know where the issues are. The town is usually who comes out and removes the trees across the road that took the lines down and if there is no communication between the town and the utility and no customers report exactly where the breaks are to the utility it makes things take longer and frustrates everybody.


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Reply to Gotta love it by Johnnie-1

there was a guy driving a silver crown vic with "NOT THE POPO" on the back and sides in waterbury a couple of years ago.


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I have been using a 3rd party suppliers off and on for the better part of 15 years. Whomever has the lowest price gets my business and when they don't, we switch back to the standard rate or a different supplier. I'm currently locked in until mid-2024 at around 10c/kwh with direct energy. I've never had any issues with early cancel fees or anything else. When the contract is up they tend to automatically renew you into a higher rate (with a couple month's notice) but if you pay attention you can switch again.


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Some diversity in watertown; its a mix of lower middle class/blue collar and farms and wealthy executives in large homes with some land. Plenty of two car garage homes on one+ acre. You'll be glad not to live in waterbury, that's for sure, but you'll still be close enough to get your catalytic converter stolen if you park outside. Demographics are overwhelmingly white and so is the school district.


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locking in for long time is good sense. not only can you cancel early, but with the global unrest prices may continue to increase before they decrease. i locked in back in febuary for 2 years at 10 cents. Same company offers the same deal today for 16. Take the 13 cent offer now and hopefully it lasts until prices are back down.