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Fruit waxing is the process of covering fruits (and, in some cases, vegetables) with artificial waxing material. Natural wax is removed first, usually by washing, followed by a coating of a biological or petroleum derived wax


They also use just wax, wax with shellac, or just shellac.


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Not true, prayer has the same benefits as meditation. They have done fMRI scans and the exact same regions are active during both.

I wasn’t saying prayer itself worked and has been proven….

but there is a physical reaction in us that is the same as meditation, and has the same benefits mentally as meditation.


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Yeah… that’s not how science works FYI.

I have never used stones and I am also not dead, so….

I can’t believe you are touting stone usage in the same thread you are talking about antivaxers! They are literally the same, disbelieving science and trusting in your feelings and beliefs.

Edit; bring on the downvotes from you stone and essential oils crowd.


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I’ve seen more beaver ponds that you ever will.

I live in the backcountry. In areas with MANY reintroduced beavers.

And just so you know, not everywhere (and many places I’ve seen) when they dam a river, there ARENT extended meadows (swamps as you call them)

You are assuming it’s always like that, which very much shows how few beaver ponds you have seen