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That's the heart. Everything is about being pragmatic. Let's nominate sucky candidates because they have the best chance of winning. Let's let economic concerns dictate our domestic and global activity because that way we'll remain strong. Let's only fight battles we're sure we can win.

You fight because it's the right thing to do.


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Number one on the agenda should be repealing the Taft–Hartley Act which restricts the activities and power of labor unions. It was enacted by the 80th United States Congress over the veto of President Harry S. Truman, becoming law on June 23, 1947.

However, all unions should prioritize their allegiance to their respective professions not individual members.



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final release

Newsweek, 8/18/22

Harrowing footage shows a lonely killer whale circling its tank and thrashing around, having outlived its friends and offspring.

Kiska, dubbed the "world's loneliest orca," circled the perimeter and splashed water over the walls of her isolated tank at MarineLand Park in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. The footage was filmed in June 2022.

The orca is said to have been captured in Icelandic waters in 1979, and has been in captivity ever since. Kiska, who is approximately 45-years-old, has survived all of her tank mates and her five calves, activists say.

Researchers and activists believe her behavior is a result of her damaged mental and physical health and well-being from prolonged captivity. SWNS reached out to MarineLand Park for comment.

MarineLand has had 26 orcas pass through its tanks since it opened in 1962, with 20 of them dying there and the rest either traded or given away to other establishments.

Despite being well-known as social animals that thrive in groups, Kiska remains isolated from any other animal.

Former MarineLand employee-turned-activist Phil Demers, 44, who worked at the park for 12 years, said: "Kiska is MarineLand's last surviving orca. She was captured in 1979 in Icelandic waters and has been at MarineLand ever since.

"Her mental and physical health are deteriorating and as seen in the video, she repeatedly swims around her pool in the exact same way, even stopping briefly in some shallow water to shake erratically.

"Experts call it "zoochosis." Orcas are social animals and need to be with their families, or at the least, with others of their own species. For Kiska, her isolation is torture. Sadly, Kiska's fate is largely sealed at MarineLand as she is their property, and as no viable seaside sanctuaries exist, her future is heartbreakingly bleak."


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This article reminded me of an incident more than 20 (I have been corrected. Should read 10) years ago. The New York Post dedicated a full front page to a story about a murder linked to the Occupy Wall Street protests. A DNA sample was retrieved from a lock broken at a subway gate and it matched evidence from a Long Island killing a year or so prior.

It finely emerged that (1) the sample had been compromised by a lab technician and there was no match and (2) New York city had a backlog of 500 untested DNA samples from rape cases.

The city, in an OWS witch hunt, had gone to the trouble and expense to pursue a minor breach over 500 felony cases. The Post never issued a retraction. Exposure, however, did force the city into dealing with the backlog.