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It's great animals are well taken care of and most are rescue. It's a great experience for the kids ! I would focus more on people issues in this country than animals in the zoo. Most of these animals suffer more at their local habitat than they do in spas


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So what is the term used for CMP chagrinning customers to deliver the electricity, provide customer service, equipment repairs etc ( I used deliver fee) I understand that cmp does not generate the power and does not sell power, I switch my provider every 6 months or when ever the contract agreement runs out.


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I think it's more unsanitary when people pick and choose vegetables and fruits with their bare hands. Any how mama always said wash your fruits and vegetables when you get home.


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If it was me I would make it work for the winter and get a new heating system during spring. You can patch up the tank with JB weld or other preferred method. Make sure the tank vent is clear of any obstruction and do a daily check on the tank. The tank is not pressurized so the biggest hazard is leakage and possibly fumes. When spring comes you can use states incentives to get heat pumps installed and see options for secondary heating system. When it comes to fuel I would call around there is always some one who would deliver and worse comes to worse get some diesel from the gas station, essentially the same as heating fuel.


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Sorry I had a hard time wording the previous question. Let me try again. So tip workers are supposed to claim their tips on taxes because they are a tip credit worker. Would they be able to claim tips in the same way if they were not a tip credit worker and just an hourly employee.


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So I believe that would go away with the new question and it be standard minimum wage not a Tip credit as now. I know servers make more money on tips than actual wages, I’m just wondering how people would feel about tipping if they new that servers hourly wage has doubled.


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I know they make more with tips. That’s why I asked question would people tip the same if their hourly wage goes from 6.38 to 15$/ hr. And the prices on the menu have gone up to compensate for increases business cost.


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No, I don’t tip grocery clerk or my post man Because I know they are not a tip credit workers and they make at least states minimum wage. It is commonly known that service industry is paid with tips and tip credit. So if the question passed it would be commonly know that they make at least the minimum wage, and a lot of other minimum wages don’t get tipped. That’s the reason for the poll question.