kudichangedlives t1_jd747gk wrote

Hey, I just want to steal everything in Iceland's history museum and put it all on South Georgia island with some sort of nuclear deterrent to moving it off of South Georgia island.

If I have to release a hoard of rabid Spidermen to do it, then by god we're getting radioactive spiders


kudichangedlives t1_jd73jb4 wrote

It's a very cheap plan and we are welcome to investors, the only entry requirement is that you provide information on your base of operations and a list of invasive species that would be detrimental to the local ecosystem and population, so we can help protect our partners from invasive species that is.


kudichangedlives t1_j1gtqar wrote

My heat is electric supplemented by wood stove. Also don't have a passport on hand. Also I couldn't even get there as I need gas and don't have any cash, when the county loses power you can't use credit cards in town. Annnndddd downtown is closed right now because a roof came off a business and they don't want people down there because of all the wind and debris