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Both of those things are mentioned in the dialogue, a couple times I think.

Also, so much of this information is just public knowledge know - most people get that increased temperatures would have bad consequences for public health or lead to the extinction of certain species.


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I watched the first three episodes and it’s pretty brilliant, if a little dry at times.

I think there is just something about the themes of this show that is going to rub Redditors the wrong way.

Redditors seem suspicious of things they believe to be “preachy”. Which is basically anything with a point of view on anything political.

There wouldn’t be half as much hate in this thread if Extrapolations was pitched to audiences as a Black Mirror style anthology that just happened to take place in some vague “near future” or alternate world suffering the effects of climate change.

I think what’s gotten peoples backs up so much is the fact that it’s set in “our world”. And that it’s so explicit in its message and belief that man made climate change will have a negative impact on our lives.

TLDR: Drama shows with real world themes make Redditors feel bad. if this had zombies or some sort of crime family in it, people on Reddit would like it more.


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I don’t think faithfulness to the source material is actually the answer here.

A faithful Bioshock adaptation probably wouldn’t be as successful, for example.

So much of TLOU’s success hinges on how well it did with audiences that hadn’t played the game (and likely never will) and it’s most popular and critically acclaimed episode was almost a complete departure from the story that took place in the game.

The only real lesson to learn is to have very good writing that appeals to a wider audience than just gamers. Or to make games that take their storytelling cues from prestige TV.


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It was a decent episode and I hope every episode is at least as good. I think there are essentially two reasons it is being so breathlessly praised:

  1. Fans of the game are super happy to see it given the Prestige TV treatment - video games and video game adaptations are rarely taken this seriously. There’s also probably not a small section of TLOU’s gamer audience that don’t often watch shows that place that much emphasis on dramatic storytelling over world building, lore and action - which tend to be the basis of most genre TV shows.

  2. The non gaming audience of TLOU probably weren’t expecting a video game adaptation to be given the Prestige TV Treatment and were likely expecting something closer to The Walking Dead or a Marvel show.

Simply put, it deviated from half the audiences expectations and exceeded the other half’s, which has lead to slightly inflated reviews from both.

Add to that a great one off performances by actors loved by both - the gamers love Ron Swanson, the non-gamers loved seeing Murray Bartlett getting his ass are in The White Lotus - and you’ve got a recipe for success, as well as a nagging sense that you’re being pissed on and told it’s raining.