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Reddit made a "code of conduct" for moderators last year, one of the things mods are not supposed to do is "camp" on subreddits. I don't intend to remain as top mod here "forever." I was made top mod when the last one decided to leave, this was pre-pandemic and I think before the sub count was above 100k.

I see the importance of having someone reasonable at the top but I don't wish it on anyone lol.


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I found it hard to read that material, and I’ve been reflecting on my actions in all this. I didn’t know very much about them when I added them and I agreed when they asked for the full set of permissions. I put my trust in them. Did not do proper diligence, did not anticipate this situation at all.

The pseudonymous stuff has its advantages and disadvantages, I have met very genuine and kind people on here but there is always the chance that someone is not who they initially appear to be.

I am concerned about how many other accounts this person has and if they are doing the same in any more communities.


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Never thought I would be thanked by a real astronaut, thank you :)