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My mom's restaurant participated. While a lot of people came in, it was only to use the coupon. Not many purchased more than what the coupon offered. We also didn't like how after we signed up there wasn't much promotion on their end. Maybe they did a couple of Instagram reels but not posts. They should add some restaurant of the week or day or give more post. We were contacted again this year with a stipend incentive but didn't go through with it. I don't even know who the "winner" of the contest was. I agree with the fact that they have everything to gain. Seems like a good deal but not much once you realize you're giving free food without anything in return.


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Yeah but even our national guard here in Rhode island can get "large magazines" the way I see it if we can't have 30 round mags shouldn't either because why do they need more than 10 if they aren't facing threats of large magazines. Unless there are still those magazines used by criminals in which case proves the laws don't work.


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I'm a liberal myself I'm sure you are aswell. You should look into r/liberalgunowners. It will open your eyes to see not everyone who wants a gun is a deranged killer. First of all it's a right not a privilege like driving is. And 2nd we've seen how some states little by little have been eroding rights. I would also check into the court case that says police have no duty to protect citizens. At the end of the day your life and your families life is in your hands.