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I had a crooked steering wheel for a while - there was a recall to replace some cable inside the wheel, and they put it back on slightly crooked. So it drove completely straight without needing any steering input, with a 5 degeee angle on the wheel. It was mostly unnoticeable on shorter drives requiring more manuvering, but very annoying on long highway drives.

It required an alignment to fix it.


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I was wondering how you got the data, and that open-meteo thing is extremely interesting for getting historical data.

Last time i looked at this, which is about 5 years ago, the solution proposed to me by friends in climate science was to download datasets for testing climate models, and extract (very rough resolution) it from there. Or you could buy observational data from a meteo service for way too much money.



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Also, there just isn't that much more you can do with an ICE engine - it's burning fuel to raise the temperature to generate overpressure which pushed pistons that turn "pedals", which then act through a complicated set of gears and linkages. Whatever you do, it's never going to be super efficient, most of the energy is lost to heating the coolant. And it's a technology that lots of people have already spent a lot of effort on optimizing, meaning most out the easy gains are long gone. Also, it needs to be fairly light and cheap to fit in a car, and work at a wide range of RPMs, torques, power levels, and it has to be reliable and not too complex.


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Yeah, a huge lump of iron sitting inside a somewhat isolated bay won't go from pretty warm to -40 in a few minutes. That said, starting a really cold diesel isn't fun, and probably puts a ton of wear on it. Fuel freezing isn't really a problem tough, since there is a different fuel blend in the winter...