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There are a multitude of factors which aren’t mutually exclusive. Legacy status, tutoring, money, role models, expectations, schooling, parental support and involvement all are at play.

GFS is not an affluenza school for dumb rich kids though. Being smart and hard working are necessary for success there. What I’m trying to allude to though is it’s not the type of high school where it’s cool to have low expectations, good off, and be “dumb”. That’s just not the culture there.

They will absolutely kick you out if you don’t maintain your grades (after giving you an opportunity to improve).


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Part of GFS is the education which is top notch, but it’s just as much the community and culture of the students. I think almost 40% of the class goes to Ivy League schools. Compared to the other private schools in the area (which are all fine), the student body is smarter/harder working.


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The NYPD will be their own downfall. My view of police took a nose dive after having experience with them. I once was just looking at the light bar of a cruiser (it was a novel one) and I had a cop stare me down and come knock on my window and ask “what my problem was” and then was told to “move along” while I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I’ve also seen NYPD yell and threaten people who were 50 feet away filming an arrest.

Don’t get me started on all the police that park wherever they want. . . NYPD has no integrity.


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Ahhh ok then let me make a suggestion: Red Bank NJ. It’s a short ferry ride to nyc (40 min) and just over an hour to Philly.

It’s set on a picturesque river, is right near the beach, has a famous performing arts center, and enough of a town that there is some nightlife and restaurants to try. The schools are excellent and it’s kinda beach without being a beach town.


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I don’t have any specific advice for you in where to live but I STRONGLY recommend you are within a half hour of home for your commute. You may be working long hours (don’t know your specialty) and you are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel and DYING. It happened to me during residency and another resident I know who became paralyzed.

Let your husband commute a little extra please.


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I’ve just never understood people willingness to have a third of their tv viewing time sucked into commercials. Before streaming, even before TiVo, I used to program my vcr to tape all my shows and sports games. I used to love starting a football game like an hour late and speeding through the commercials to finish watching as the game ended. This isn’t new tech people. Screw these ad men/women.