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The last paragraph is sort of missing the mark though - the whole idea would be about releasing the quake earlier so its smaller than the future natural quake.

Not saying that the practice would work, but that paragraph doesn't represent the issue well, imo.


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What? No the science is increasingly showing that brain development goes on for much longer than we thought. Out to 25 years and beyond, before which you are working with an under developed brain. It's why we make such poor decisions as young adults.

Kids are definitely just dumb little people, because their brains only have rudimentary systems like the one described here.

Kids have accelerated learning in some areas, like language, but go try and teach a child how to perform a new skill, like cooking, dancing, drawing, etc. Their brain lacks development in critical areas to perform even at a basic level without lots of development. Meanwhile adults, even not particularly quick ones, can easily perform the simple neural tasks required to learn these new skills.


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There are also many other greenhouse gasses that don't contribute significantly to toxicity, but do have a pronounced warming affect - the first that comes to mind is methane at about 20x lifetime impact versus c02


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This isn't a subsidized project - this is a court mandated requirement because Volkswagen intentionally poisoned millions of people and our planet with illegally polluting diesel vehicles for YEARS.

It's not surprising that a charging network that is essentially a punishment for the company making it sucks.