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No. My point is that it is not a waste of time to take pictures while a house is being built to see where things actually are. And that there is a major difference between having those pictures versus the original plans as proved by the existence of as-built drawings.


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Ask for as-built drawings (definition is kinda self explanatory). It is a little more expensive (but you are also having a house built for you so that prolly wont matter much) and you will need to tell the contractor ahead of time that you want these, but this is the way to go IMO.


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No its not. There are “diagrams” called as-built drawings in the construction industry that show the way the project was actually built compared to the way it was designed. Dont talk about things you dont know, its pointless and a waste of time.


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Sounds like you know your stuff. Awesome post. I am curious, does this mean that you could give a risk assesment to certain areas? If so, where do you think the next bif earthquake will be? I know that generally contradicts exactly what you just said, but pretend you have to choose somewhere. Where would it be?


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On a similar note, if there is ever a single piece of something left, sitting out in front of people, cut that fucker in half. Nobody wants to be the guy who eats the last piece, but if it magically turns into 2 pieces then, in my experience, someone will eat one piece and then someone else wont feel as bad and it eventually all gets eaten.