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I’m actually tearing up right now. They really called a 48hr ceasefire just to watch him play (and the civil war continued for a year after the game). No violence or arrests at the stadium during the match, either. I knew Pelé was the GOAT, but I don’t think I appreciated the full extent of his impact.


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Some truly bonkers things that happen in the movie when David Arquette shows Kermit what a world without him would be like:

  • Fozzy is a pickpocket
  • Miss Piggy is a Jamaican fortune teller on a 1-900 line
  • Rizzo the Rat is forced to torment contestants on Fear Factor and then is eaten
  • The Muppet Theater is a sleazy nightclub hosting raves; Scooter dances in a cage and Beaker is a terrifyingly buff bouncer