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Nothing cordless is BIFL. Batteries are a wear item and are invariably built in to cordless vacuums, rendering them garbage in 5 years unless you're an DIY appliance technician.

If you live in a small space, why not just drag a cord around the small space?


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You can buy them configured with different sets of burner BTUs, usually you'd have a small BTU one in the back for stuff you want to simmer and higher ones in the front for hot cooking or wok'ing.

I've never had any problems with getting low heat, but do have to put covered stuff to simmer on the smaller back burner.


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The old ones have exactly the same motor and are exactly as powerful. The motor bearings and brushes and the speed control knob and especially the bearing on the container all wear out over time.

The newer ones have a slow-start control that is nice so food doesn't splatter everywhere. If you bring them up to speed too fast they make a mess.

$170: no way. Maybe $50.


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Bluestar is a spinoff of Garland, as far as I know, which does seem to be available in the UK. Prices seem to be about the same as my area in the US ($$$). But, commercial ranges are simple and don't really break often and they are easy to repair. Avoid computerized ranges if possible.

Just make sure to get one with auto-ignition. That feature should be mandatory.

There's also this brand:


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Nice! I didn't know they made those. Big fan of multi-clad stuff. All of it (even the stuff that's dual-ply and aluminum on the outside) seems to last really well.


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Le Crueset isn't significantly tougher than generic enameled cast iron. Their earthenware also isn't.

Their enameled thin steel cookware is pretty, but I wouldn't want to use that stuff regularly because thin enameled steel always chips a lot and thin enameled cookware burns a lot and you can't scour it or you'll scratch the shit out of the glass and wreck it.

At this point in our timeline where generic enameled cast iron (Lodge, etc) is 1/5th-1/10th the price of Le Crueset or Staub, it's not really worth the cost unless you're going for a photoshoot or specific shapes that aren't generic yet.

The best way to keep enameled cookware nice is to NEVER use a green scotch brite pad or metal. Always use wood utensils and if you need to scratch food off, use a wooden spoon or a blue scotch brite pad.

I don't know any other Le Crueset brand things that are worth looking at, maybe there are some?


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Tri-clad stainless are the best all arounders. You can get these as Vollrath Tribute, All-Clad, Trimontia(?) (costco), Calphalon, and a few other brands.

Used: Some tri-clad is induction compatible (stick a magnet to it) and some isn't. People tend to give away non-induction tri-clad to goodwill these days, so it's easy to find. The induction-compatible tri-clad is harder to find.

New: Some sizes and shapes are impossible to find at thrift stores so you can just buy it. The most cost-effective and high quality is Vollrath Tribute. All-Clad are almost as good but the little weenie handles are uncomfortable.

Avoid teflon, it always gets damaged. Sometimes you can find a teflon All-Clad pan and call the manufacturer to complain about the nonstick getting wrecked you can get them to swap it for a non-teflon one.


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Washing machines are all pretty tough, I doubt you'd find a significantly greater difference in brand durability vs the variance in lifespan due to usage differences by each owner. They *have* to be tough because they manipulate dangerous amounts of energy so US consumer regulators look at safety problems with them. Nobody wants a recall.


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This. There are SO MANY. Any normal wool coat is just as effective as a modern down coat, and they last a lot longer. And they don't have plastic. I've been wearing mine for like 15 years and it still looks and works fine, and near as I can tell fits exactly with NYC fashion.


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The nice thing about the Oster clippers is that they use extremely high quality but cheap interchangeable (with Andis or other) blades. You can even get ceramic ones. And they're built like the 1960s.

And, actually, shit, they're way cheaper now than when I bought mine about 20 years ago!


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As a counterexample, ants and other highly successful hive insects definitely do not consider self-preservation as an ultimate value as evident in their group-benefitting sacrificial behavior.

I've never heard a good argument Ayn Rand. The position that all selflessness is antisocial comes from garbage capitalist dogma and is empathetically bankrupt.


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"Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value, elly judgments of all kinds remain necessary."

― Albert Einstein, The Evolution of Physics: From Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta