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Every winter, without fail, 4WD/AWD vehicles are always the first vehicles I see in the ditch after/during the first snowstorm we get. Doesn’t matter how great your tires are when it comes to icy slick roads. How quickly thee forget. Slow down, save a life.


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Holy moly! How long are we gonna pretend that COVID-19 is anything more than a strain of influenza? So tired of hearing about it and seeing the masked sheep everywhere. Granted it’s less but even one is one too many. Wish for growing brains… “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” So dumb.


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No, they weigh our catch. The lobsters in the traps I haul tell me what’s in the ocean. The majority of them are undersized and therefore go back over the rail along with the eggers. There’s no lack of lobster in the 200ish square miles we are allowed to fish (which isn’t even a thousandth of percent of the Gulf of Maine) let alone the rest of the ocean which covers 70% of the globe. You can’t imagine the vastness of the ocean. So I answered your question. My question to you is do you fish? If not then what makes you think you’ve got a clue what is going on in the northern Atlantic Ocean?