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Yup I was gonna say the same thing, you'll just be walking along and out of the grass they pop to scare the shit out of you. One time at my cabin we had a "pet" grouse, must of had babies nearby but it would sit on our picnic table and just hang about 5 feet from us as we cooked on the grill lol. It was a really cool bird but sadly we found it dead on the porch, it tried to fly into the cabin, broke a window and I guess it's neck in the process


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Yeah I mean even hunters are happy when deer make it through hunting season. But the real problem can be a harsh winter which we obviously didn't have. I remember some really tough winters and it's honestly amazing they can survive through it and find enough food when there's 2 feet of snow and -30 temps. The corn feeders are basically only used when it gets that bad from my experience. But lots of other cool info here:

Winter Feeding of Deer and Turkeys - PA Game Commission


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I have a log cabin on top of a mountain and you will love it.

The logging and fracking kinda sucks but it does make more trails for riding and hunting and fracking has definitely slowed down. at least in terms of new wells but if you look at sattelite views in some areas its crazy how many there are. Pavement roads are normally shot from the water trucks. The hunting is good, normal winters give good snowmobiling. Lots of townships approving ATV/UTV on the roads for the summer and the fishing is great. It's a rural area and I'm glad it still is. The more far out in the sticks the better in my mind, but to each their own. The stars are beautiful & It's quiet other than the coyotes howling

I'll add our well is 800 feet deep and when they fracked nearby the water turned brown. It was just iron but we did have to get a filter and run tests on it and whatnot. But holy fuck is that water cold


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Check out the book "Coyote America" by Dan Flores.

They are literally everywhere and basically indestructible as a species. Killing them causes females to increase litter size to repopulate the numbers.

I hunt and spend a shit ton of time outdoors and I've only ever seen a glimpse of one. They are shifty little bastards. You'll hear them all the damn time but good luck shooting one. They are generally nocturnal so coyote hunters normally try thermal scopes which were approved in 2020 in PA