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This is Reddit, what do you think? You hire a hot girl holding a banana to stand next to it, claiming she painted it.

So many updoots, you get the toots. Just hopefully not the scoots. And please don't get it on your boots; that would not be a hoot(s).

Edit: It definitely helps to say your prayers and take your vitamins.


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Oversimplification. You are asking me, one person to travel to a hostile country, and essentially commit suicide in hopes of a revolution. I never said it wasn't up to the Somali people. What I did say was that it is not so easy for their people to just overthrow the regime.

But continue your big talk about you benefiting from your ancestors who actually did do something with themselves.


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Yeah, that's why the UN and NATO exist. So that there's no obligation to between nations to help one another. You know what, you're right. Fuck Ukraine from now on. They should handle their own business without the help of other nations' weapons and munitions.

You are asking for poverty stricken people to fight literal pirates that are paid off by their own government. Totalitarian regimes are not just toppled over so easily.

You have no idea how this works.

You are a child.