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You will likely earn back your investment if you take your last two years to go to university. However if you really feel nervous about taking out the loans and don’t want to go on to a four year college, look into courses you can do at community college that qualify you for a decent job without needing to go on to a four year university.


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He should be sure to tell his lawyer all of this. Any work he did and money he paid on both houses. Write it down in advance and show the document to the lawyer so you don’t take too much time explaining it, lawyers time is very expensive. Whatever the lawyer says, do.


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In future … before you wash it, put it under a cold tap, rub bar soap on the stain, then rub vigorously (fabric on fabric - either two stained parts, or stained and unstained). Rinse, repeat. Then turn around to the other side of the fabric, rub soap, rub fabric vigorously again (ie repeat). This should get rid of at least 90% of it - repeat again if needed.


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Call all the insurance companies. Tell them you cannot pay and you want to negotiate down the total amount you owe. Read some articles about how to do that successfully. Then, sell your car and buy a much cheaper car (any chance you can do without a car). Put your previous car payment towards CC3, once it is paid off towards CC1, then CC2. Start working, but in parallel look for a higher paying job.


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Invest inside a Roth IRA. This is a tax advantaged account, where all the gains you make will be tax free when you take them out, after you hit retirement age. The money could grow 3 or 4 times, so that is a big deal. You can take out the money you put in tax free at any time. To do this, open a Roth IRA account at Deposit the $50 in that account. Then buy FSKAX or similar (the entire US stock market).