lampposttt t1_j7lg4vn wrote

No idea why the comments here are so negative. This is an extremely well-designed backpack for kids. Is it expensive? Yes, but it's also new production and niche product. Sure, lifetime warranty would go a long way here, but it's a freaking startup guys, give the guy a break.

I'm also a backpack enthusiast (I've backpacked 10+ national parks and countless other weekend trips) and I own several high-end backpacks that cost $300+ from Osprey, Arcteryx, Jansport and others, and this has the same attention to detail and utility that I'd expect from those well-established brands, which is impressive.

Clearly this backpack isn't for EVERY family, but if you're middle or upper-middle income bracket and also value a very functional backpack for your kids, this is certainly one of the best options that I've personally ever seen.