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What do you imaging resellers should do when they buy Ice Cream from reputable vendors as "proper procedures"? Pay to have every container Lab tested before they open them for sale? Would you have this extended to grocery stores and every place else that sells Ice Cream to the public? What about other products?

Point of sale lab testing for all?


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I would disagree that the debate is non -partisan. The fact that "95%" of your party disagrees with you when there are clearly valid arguments to be made, proves other wise. Neither party can have a honest debate about it. It'a all about sticking it to the other side and non-productive partisan talking points.


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I'm not so sure a court will determine that the town can't enforce its own ordinances or that this particular ordinance in unconstitutional in some way.

Literally hundreds of towns across the country have similar ordinances that dictate house colors in historic districts and even the types of lighting that can be used. I know of towns in MA and CT that only allow black and white for retail signage. I think the towns ordinance will stand along with the towns ability to enforce it.


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I hate that crap. Sometimes the "nice guy" will flash and waive you on, right into a collision with the race car driver that is about to be passing him in the breakdown lane.

I just wait until it's my turn , fuq'em