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That's due to the cost of natural gas and oil going up in response to the war in Ukraine. Electricity from natural gas is up to 45%, and the huge spike in natural gas prices over the last year is responsible for most of the price increase.

Solar is likely keeping the price down since the utilities need to bring the more expensive oil fired plants less often on really hot summer days.


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Ed Brown "vowed to resist arrest violently and die rather than go to prison." The only reason the standoff didn't turn violent was the marshals were able to trick them. I don't think Ruby Ridge would have unfolded the same way. I'm glad the feds learned from that and realized they were dealing with a couple nutters.


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It is terrible. How many cases of cancer have come about because of all the pfas illegally emitted from these factories? Saint Gobain moved to NH to avoid the regulations Vermont imposed on them. Anyone involved in the decision should be in jail.


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All resistive electric heaters are 100% efficient. Even the fan warms the air with as much energy as you put in. The oil filled ones do feel more comfortable since they have more of a radiative heat, but they won't save you any money if you use them to heat the room to the same temp.


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It could just be taxed in private stores like other states handle it. We really don't need the state running things like they do the liquor stores. (Note, I'm generally happy with the state liquor store prices and selection but not the distribution of stores. And getting some unique brands is not possible here. I don't see the advantage to NH running consumer businesses.)


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Even if it's 0.0017% the law should need to account for that situation. 0.0017% of 1.4 million would still leave the 24 people in a legal gray area and likely not legally able to enter a public restroom. A law restricting a person who has used the online handle of vipstrippers from entering a public restroom would be less restrictive.


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No, we're not. But it's really hard to ignore the fact that having a gun in the house does lead to an increased risk of someone in the house dying from the gun. Usually through suicide. My guns are all locked up, but having them used in a suicide is reason enough for me to consider selling them. A murder suicide would be even worse.