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LOL having been on one yes, also most people are dumb which is why having a trial by jury is the best possible outcome for you. I can guaranty you that someone will spout out some crazy BS notion because that's how they feel/ see it and then say, "Well i'm not changing my mind/vote." Then you get one or two that are just there and vote what ever. Sorry still a bit salty over it. Your supposed to consider the evidence presented, but humans by nature always interject their knowledge/experience into it.


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If this is against the rules i apologize, I'm finding that more and more every single thing recently always throws in, will help with depression and anxiety. I'm feeling that scientists are just throwing these in for the hell of it. Was reading about "cold therapy" and how it will help with depression and anxiety. I mean reading a book could help with depression and anxiety.


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Depends i say depends because it's up to the towny or inspector you pull. Some make you/them dig up the tank, some say fill it with sand can be expensive. It's usually taken care of at closing or before. If they don't do it they say they take x amount off the price of the house for you to do it. That's been my experience.


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New Brunswick, probably your best bet. It has everything your looking for, nightlife, college town, drunks... hobos, occasional shooting. It's like the little city that could LOL. The one thing i do have to say good about NJ is, if your bored here, your doing something wrong.


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LOL you can't be centrist anymore. There are things i'm liberal on but there are things i'm very conservative on. So you end up getting bashed on both sides, this can actually be a very good thing. We were never truly a two party system we just accepted it. More and more people are starting to wake up to the idea that both parties are getting a little out of hand and that maybe there is a third alternative.


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All politicians do that. When it was Murphys time for re-election you could tell he was out of his league. It looked like he was more interested in the audience reaction to his zings then anything. Sorry can't stand the guy, christi was no better.