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With generations, consumers will migrate and like different games. You don't necessarily need kids to experience the things you've experienced because everyone is wired differently.

Not every game that's a classic should be remade/remastered or re-released for a 3rd or 4th time. I might enjoy playing the classic Max Payne games (and I thing both games hold up pretty well 20 years after they got released) and I'm being nostalgic because I wanna see how Remedy is Remaking MP-1&2, but in my opinion they didn't actually need to do that because they are great the way they are (minus the outdated graphics).

I game that would definitely need a remaster version is GTA IV, which I would love to play on a next gen console, but probably won't ever get because of the architecture mess that was PS3.

The Last of US Part 1 definitely didn't need to be overhauled from the ground up since the PS4 remastered was holding up on current gen consoles, but probably was a fresh breath of income for Naughty Dog before releasing Factions (which I'm hoping releases this year).


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The Office is on both HBO Max and Netflix in my region. I tried to truly watch the first episodes of Seinfeld (I'm a 90's that was a baby at the time the show aired), but can't really get into it at all. The first season seems to drag a lot and the gags feel really outdated (even for a 5 part series) and I don't have the propper vibe to tackle other seasons.


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The show is cringey joke, after cringey joke. No substance at all. Ultimately the writers failed to give us a decent show. The fact that is a Scooby Doo spin off, without any mention of Scoob, because apparently they wouldn't want to taint the Scooby Doo IP, makes the show worse.


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I think most of the black and white cinema era will definitely be forgotten by the general public. Only those that would attend film schools would possibly get into Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and all the other classics. Godfather will probably be another cinematography study.

People will probably be amazed by what technology from the late 80's early 90's could do with Top Gun, Jurassic Park, The Terminator. After that they'll probably be awwed by Tarantino movies, Scorsese movies like The Departed, Fight Club will probably be a thing. So will American Psycho. They will probably be amazed on what was Nolan been able to pull out with Inception and the Dark Knight trilogy.

The comic book movies will still be your standard entertainment movies with huge over the top budgets and high on CGI. Flicks like American Pie, She's All that, I know what you did last summer will be seen like cringey and raunchy B rated comedies that probably nobody will think they were good movies in the first place.

A lot of biopics will probably saturate the film industry so the go to movie buff of the 2100's would understand who was Tarantino, Cameron, Scorsese. They'll probably make a biopic about Gun's & Roses, Rolling Stones and almost of the successful rock bands that lived through the ages.