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We must have different definitions of "countless." If he was knocked unconscious 43 times, it can't be more than 43. With the other examples listed, we are down to 35 punches at most. That sounds pretty countable to me.


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A quick Googling says it should be back on Broadway in the fall of this year, and I've already got a trip to New York planned in October. It sounds just interesting enough to try and get tickets.


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>There is no trigger to punch or button to push. The only way for the shot to break is for the shooter to slowly pull back until, once a certain amount of tension builds up, the bow releases—always to the surprise of the shooter.

How is it a surprise? It releases at the same tension every single time, so you know where you have to pull back to for it to release. Once you get used to your bow and release, it'll be just as consistent and expectable as pulling a trigger/pushing a button.


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  1. I'm fairly certain that over 51% is a majority.

  2. It isn't inconsiderate to think that the majority of people will understand you.

  3. I'm not aware of OP leaving his/her country to post this.

  4. Reddit is an American website as the company is American, as are the majority of its users (see first point above).

  5. And it's not my post, so yeah, that would be really hard for me to do.