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>Pho Zap Zap is mainly a Laotian restaurant, as of the last time I was there. The food there is quite good.

This is correct, however some staple Vietnamese foods have become staple Laotian foods as well since many have migrated into the country for ages. The most common ones would be Pho, Bhan Xeo, Bahn Cahn Gai, Bahn Mi, Nime Chow with only certain ones having a Laotian name change.


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Please do not put Cambodians and Guatemalans in the same sentence, 2 different pathways to America. Most of the Cambodians moved to greener pasture in Cranston and further out after working and saving. Some moved out of state. There is only a handful who live in the west end for one reason or another.


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This is mainly catered for the Cambodian community which follows Theravada Buddhism ( the first teachings) and this might be the reason they have a little online presence. I'd give them a call if your interested about it but don't be shocked if you get the 3rd degree either as their have been robberies happening to mainly Southeast Asian Buddhist temples in other states and word gets around


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Elmhurst is fine just your basic residential area. One of the last predominately white areas minus the East side.

Wanskuck is kind of shitty and a lot more triple decker rentals there's. Really diverse if that's your thing

Silver Lake - there are some decent streets toward the edge but overall its packed and kind of shitty.


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You sound like a moron and probably just moved here. Shouldn't you be slamming the rails or hitting the pipe. I've seen shootings and houses shot up and cops never came. So if those are not reported and documented it skews the numbers. But overall Providence is really safe for a city and population its size.