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> IIRC, the “Stinky” moniker also describes einhorn’s personal hygiene. He was an old-time hippie who wasn’t into bathing, shaving, etc and went around smelling pretty ripe.

Wow, I knew he was a hippie, although I did not know that was why he was called "Stinky". Thank you for mentioning it! I thought it had to do with stuffing Maddux's body into that trunk. Still, so barbaric and horrifying. Nobody could ever come to terms with anyone close to them dying that way.

Your mouse example is spot on. My co-worker's neighbor died in his hot tub and wasn't discovered until almost a week later. The temperature of the hot tub liquefied the body and the odor from the decomposition made the house unliveable.


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My dad used to travel for work and would always bring home something different from where he had visited.

On one such occasion, he brought home an issue of either The National Inquirer or another newspaper, I can't recall exactly. The headline was "Sayonara Stinky!", a picture of Einhorn in an orange jumpsuit, and an image of the trunk at bottom right corner of the page. My dad thought the title was funny, although my parents didn't think what happened was a laughing matter. They were both following the case on the news and didn't think he would be caught.


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Have you been to Mission Taqueria upstairs? I think it's the same owners, but don't quote me on that. Between Mission's tacos and Oyster's seafood, it makes for a tough decision!