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it has yet to be seen if current language models will be capable of creating software as well as humans. due to training datasets being based on human text, it's limited in it's intelligence. it may require new breakthroughs or a different pathway to reach something equivalent to AGI. certainly this view is not uncommon among AI researchers, so maybe you should try yourself to be understanding of different views, rather than blindly believing LLMs will eclipse humans shortly


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Reply to comment by TFenrir in What’s up with DeepMind? by BobbyWOWO

Well it appears that previous inventions they open sourced are going to hurt their bottom line. The transformer came from Google, and most of what you are seeing now stems from Google

It might be in their best interest to stop open sourcing stuff that will only benefit their competition


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Google is realizing how disruptive chat bots are to its business model. They may want to stifle innovation until they have a gun to their head and forced to release (see bard)


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the main problems are

  1. it hallucinates if it doesn't know the answer, giving straight misinformation (this is probably why google hasn't released yet)

  2. it doesnt give you links to sources (it probably could if it was enabled)