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Cesar's Old Mexico is worth a try. Wheel House has some interesting takes on a taco, but they are not like your traditional tacos. Both are on Sunshine.

I should add that La Hacienda on Glenstone, just north of Sunshine has a taco Tuesday price. I think like $1.75 or something like that for a beef taco. Which is usually where we go when we want a taco.


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1984 Arcade is downtown, last I went was $5 a person for as long as you want to play, (pinball is pay per game) http://www.1984arcade.com

If you are thinking of something outside then Valley water mill is a nice hike, and usually not very busy

Mentioned by another is the Aquarium. A must visit if you have not been before. There is another museum inside bass pro as well that is worth a tour.