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Hanover St Chophouse - Upscale steakhouse, very good food, traditional in style - definitely on the stuffy side. The sort of place you dress up to go to. Steak is excellent, other stuff is good but not creative.

Forge and Vine - Technically in MA but it's close by. Upscale but not stuffy, farm to table, nice variety of food. It's a hit with my foodie friends too. It strikes a nice balance between having some creativity and some tradition. The nearby Gibbet Hill Grill is also very good and is the best not stuffy steakhouse in the area.

Black Trumpet - Upscale, modern, more interesting food. Smaller portion sizes but you won't leave starving. It's in a nice part of Portsmouth too.

Greenleaf - I feel like my experience there was perhaps not on par with others. I'd definitely be willing to give it another shot. When I was there a couple dishes were great and a couple were meh. Also the waitress felt like she had been hired to work at a diner. So my one experience wasn't flawless but there were definitely bright spots with the food.


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It feels way past its prime. I haven't had a bad experience there but I haven't really had a great one either. They are nice, the food is middling to decent. It feels like a good place to take an elderly family member to. It has been a few years since I've been but I feel like they have not really changed anything and have cut some corners. The pictures on online reviews seem to indicate that nothing significant has changed since I was there last.

If I were reviewing it, I'd give it 3 stars out of 5. I think they need some new blood and a taste of modernity.


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Even if you're doing things in Manchester and going out to dinner, it's the difference between checking in at a hotel at 9PM at a location you're not going to have much to do around and checking in at 10PM right where you want to be for the next day.


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Where are you going to be before Meredith? They are just an hour apart. I'd recommend just skipping it rather than going through the hassle of checking in to a hotel for a night to avoid an hour's drive. Manchester would be a good place to stop for a meal at but unless you're going to a show at the theater, I think you're adding more trouble than it's worth there.


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Last year, the warmest day in May was 95F and the coldest was 53F. The lowest low was 37F. It could be like it is at home, or it might be like summer in Florida, or it might ice over at night. But it's usually pretty mild in May.


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What are you staying in Manchester for? It's not really a hub of anything touristy, it's just a small city. It's also not far from Meredith. If it's not too late to adjust your itenerary, I'd recommend Portsmouth NH or Portland Maine (Small cities that are better destinations), or maybe Conway NH (in the mountains) as alternatives.


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NH is about 80% forest. There's nothing to be afraid of at all, just wear pants and socks and bring some insect repellant. Black flies are just a nuisance, they aren't a big deal. Deer flies are a really fucking annoying nuisance but they aren't everywhere. If your head is being bombarded by them you'll know. If you dont' have anything you can just wrap something around your head.


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You can like the show or not, that's fine.

But I can say with confidence that your opinion that Shades or Gray is better than any episode of Picard is not something that many people would share.

I didn't care for season 1 and 2, but they had their moments too - and they were all better than the absolute worst of TNG. When your benchmark on a 1-10 scale is 0.1-1, you're being ridiculously hyperbolic.

I sentence you to repeated viewings of Shades of Gray, Sub Rosa, and Code of Honor!


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Season 3 of Picard would change your mind.

I think episode 6 leaned in too much on nostalgia, but the season started OK and just keeps getting better and better.

I felt like Picard got off to an interesting start at the beginning but completely fumbled the rest, and season 2 was not good, though it fleshed out some of his history, which may be of some interest - but the way they did it was weird.

But now I feel like Picard isn't some old dude wandering in to trouble. He feels like elder Picard should. Even Raffi is bearable now, if not one of the better characters.


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>I imagine many would see it as an erosion of the concept of marriage, since we're talking about beliefs. Next up, polygamy, incest, etc. At some point the word and the concept is meaningless. Personally, I think we should just get government out of it altogether. Document who you want to be able to visit you if you're in the hospital, who gets the kiddos, etc.

Slippery slope logical fallacy, irrelevant. Marriage the legal construct is basically a restricted version of your stated preference. The touchy Feely stuff about the "erosion" of marriage is the sort of argument used against allowing all adults to vote without restriction. Every time rights are expanded, some of the already privelidged class react against that expansion of rights.

Prayer in a public school also shouldn't be an issue. It shouldn't be happening except on an individual level. Separation of church and state and all that. For those parents who would prefer that there is prayer in school, how would they feel if the school forced their child to participate in a prayer from a different religion? Now, what accommodations should schools offer to students that have different religious beliefs - there is room for debate there.

If the parent wishes for their child to experience prayer in school they can send them to a private religious school. I understand that there have been gray areas on this topic - school is an entity that collides with the rest of the world at times after all, but the majority of cases of prayer in schools are very much a separation of church and state issue.


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Same sex marriage is something between two people. Allowing them to get married does not affect anybody else in any way whatsoever. How is that "forcing their beliefs" on anyone else?

You may or may not have the same belief of what marriage is as another person, but you are also not being forced in to marrying anyone at all.

I do not understand how some people can claim this is a logical argument.

Person A says marriage is between a man and a woman

Person B says it is between two people

If person A doesn't regard person Bs marriage as valid, it does not affect them at all.

Well, I think that many people with religion are wrong. Now, forcing my belief (or lack thereof in this case) upon them would be to say that they can not practice any religion. But I believe in the freedom of religion, so while I may not agree with your personal beliefs, I am not imposing them on you.

Those are precisely the same argument.

If you're religious, your church can marry whoever it wants to and not be willing to marry whoever. I don't care about that. If you are a member of a church that only recognizes heterosexual marriages, that's fine. People that aren't can simply go somewhere else and get married.


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One has to appreciate that part of the "unsustainable status quo" happened because of a subsidy voucher program that is being utilized.

Somehow, everywhere else seems to be soldiering on without cutting their budgets in half.

"Our low cost options could be going away"

Jody - your low cost options were being supported by the state's tax dollars. Everyone's costs are going up. It's reality. What was "low cost" 5 years ago is "not enough" today.

Education is expensive, and it is 100% true that simply throwing money at it will hit the point of diminishing returns. Please, be a reasonable foil to unnecessary costs expended and keep the budget in check. But what the Underwoods did a year ago was dishonest, and painted a huge target on their back as they took actions - essentially unilaterally - that the town was clearly not in support of.

Kick dirt in your face?

Don't mind if I do.

As a childless person, I want the kids to have a good education, and am happy to pay a reasonable amount of taxes in order to support that education.


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Once you're in Paris it's easy enough to take another flight or the train to wherever. I haven't been to southern France personally but it sounds like your wife would love it. If you can afford it I think you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't go.

If you want good pouting, by the way, check out Duckfat in Portland Me. It isn't remotely French Canadian but it is delicious. Just be aware that there will be a line to get in.


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The reality is that the elementary school is... Not likely to have 50 shades of gray in the school library.

It is not unreasonable to have a policy about books that are appropriate and a policy about how to handle complaints, but at the same time those policies will be abused. I don't think there is a great way to deal with clashes like this so would tend to veer on the side of being more permissive rather than allowing more restrictions.

The framework would allow some towns to do things like banning cute books about penguins that are entirely age appropriate.

A lot of things working correctly are based on the notion of everyone involved acting in good faith, and when people do not, it wrecks the systems that might be set up. Most parents know that their children are exposed to things in public that they are not exposed to at home. Hiding a few books from them is not going to change the influences on their kids.

As soon as parents go in a direction that is basically "I don't want my kid exposed to this because it is against my religion" it reminds me of why we have separation of church and state. That's nice. Many books feature stories that clash with many religions. Do we go through all the books and make sure that everything would be appropriate for a strict adherent to Jainism too? Now that is truly "woke"...

Except that it isn't.

I can only hope that the people of this fine state can live and let live, but a significant proportion of the population wishes to have a culture war - and ironically those people are the ones that claim the mantle of freedom.


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You can take an engine that makes 50lbft of torque and make it output astonishing amounts of power at the wheels.

All it takes is gearing.

A lot of people don't realize this. If your car with 300lbft of torque at 2000RPM is geared so that it can go 20 miles per hour at that speed, it's going to output the same power to the wheels as an engine that makes 50lbft of torque that is geared to go ~3.3mph at that speed.

It just won't go nearly as fast.