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In Newtonian physics, gravity is a force, described as F = Gmm/d²

In general relativity, gravity is not a force but an effect we observed caused by the curvature of Spacetime. In the same sense that inertia is not a force.


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Not specific to wrapped coins though. Any transaction that has part of it on the blockchain and part off the blockchain is vulnerable, by design.

Prep (send) the ON part, transact (receive) the OFF part, Revert (take back) the ON part.

You now have both the money associated to both the ON and OFF part.

That's essentially doing a transaction with a credit card and doing a charge back once you recieved the goods. Nothing new here...


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You're conflating time units and temporal vocabulary, with the part of the universe described by the part of the mathematical model that we call time.

Humanity not existing didn't prevent galaxies to form and recombination to happen. However, our current models cannot even talk about "before the big bang"


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Illegal protest, disobeying a legal order, vandalism, littering, disrupting the peace, blocking traffic, any other of a list of subjective and discretionary bogged up charges.

As long as they have a "reasonable suspicion" of a crime, they can arrest you.

It's always easy to say "well the DA decided not to prosecute in the end". What is the public going to do about it? Go to the police?

Worst case, they can sue them, which would cost quite a bit of money to the individual, the court tend to cut a lot of slack to cops, then there is qualified immunity, then, even if you get damages, it's paid with public funds and there are no real consequences for the officer anyway.

A good interaction with a cop is an interaction you avoided. Protect & Serve is mostly a bad joke at that point.