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Marjorie Taylor Greene says it's something something some other thing about windmills from Holland and all of the dust coming in from Nevada that produces the oil-related fumes from Venezuela and then space lasers kill them.

If only East and West Coast lib-bruhs would study her assignments more, than we'd know about our whales. Obviously.

I'll add this [/s] just in case.


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When you're trying to have these discussions, keep in mind some various populations of people and the fact that these are communities that have grown, thus changing the landscape in more ways than one:

-infants in foster care

-infants adopted out

-infants raised by relatives, away from the person who birthed them

-medications needing to be used that negatively impact breast milk

-transgender people giving birth who might no longer be able to breast feed

-teenagers having babies who are struggling to breast feed

-working people who can't stay on top of the breast feeding cycles

-people with post partum mental health issues who are unable to breast feed

-anxieties, depression, and the like that people have that can create adverse environments for breast feeding

-illness that makes it difficult to put baby near the sick person for breast feeding

-societal bullshit around "ahhh, boobies are public nudity and you will be charged as such"

-in general, gross ass people objectifying breast feeding

-sudden change in family dynamics, like a spouse moving out, that requires a new way of feeding infants

I could go on. But I need people to stop shaming the reality of feeding infants. The forced-birther side wanting everyone to just pop out babies is already doing more than enough harm to push people into making dangerous decisions. Infant and maternal mortality rates in the U.S., specifically for Black and Brown people, is insanely high for a "first world" country. The last thing anyone needs is some holier than thou shit around feeding infants, children, and all people. If you're mad enough at the manufacturer, tell them to make better products of formula, don't try to die on a hill of shaming vulnerable people.


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Interestingly, it was the opposite for me...but with some added layers: my mom said when she had me, the pressure was to bottle feed from her elders who were the first generation to really be encouraged to do so. Then she balked that sentiment from them and breast fed. Then she pressured me to breast feed, also around 20 years ago when I had my first, and it was so complicated that when it was too difficult, I thought I was the failure. I'm of the opinion that people need to do what works in order to feed babies.


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>It's best if it comes from the breast


And for all of us who've actually birthed and fed babies who know that this obnoxious sentiment does not encompass the myriad ways in which that is "easier said than done" want to encourage anyone currently struggling to make sure your infant is fed to keep doing what works for your family.