leo_aureus t1_j299q6r wrote

I keep seeing them in Austin when I run at lunch from work, two months ago there were 2 and two weeks ago there were 4 of them, on the northern 290 frontage road right near the 290 maintenance center between Laramie and Central.

They are not living there beat as I can tell, but they squawk loudly when I approach and fly the heck away before I can really get near them, they seem happy to not be around people even more than most of the local bird residents…


leo_aureus t1_irr7cku wrote

So now that he is an old (no, scratch that, 63 is not old), older man, who targeted and raped teenagers, I would be willing to bet this motherfucker loves the fact that there are so many rail trails nowadays, and he is going to come off like a harmless older, quiet person. Until it is too late.