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One person, same SF, oil heat / hot water and my new bill is $90ish (240ish kwh). Up from $65ish last month with similar usage. Sucks, but my bill hasn't tripled.

Having an extra person shouldn't, in itself, triple your usage compared to mine. Do you have large draws like: gaming computers, a hot tub, electric heaters, etc? If not, I'd spend some time to figure out where your draws are before spending thousands of dollars on solar.


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Depending on you willingness to drive: Arcadia in RI is on my list to explore eventually, and I've been to and can recommend Day Pond/Salmon River, Bigelow Hollow, Hurd state park, and the Nathan Hale homestead


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With the way the distribution grid is built in CT (redundancy provided by connecting circuits and substations together) and how densely populated the state is, it'd be impossible and impractical to divide it up at the municipal/county/regional level.