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He didn't have to be homeless.

The humor is the expectation that the man would be at fault for the car accident because being on the phone AND drinking at the same time is very dangerous [while driving].

However expectations are subverted when it is revealed that the wife hit the man in his own living room. Actual living room, in a home. Therefore the man was not being dangerous, did not cause the accident, and above that it is wild that the woman drove through someone's house and hit them in their own living room.


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Like others have said, they've being putting out these "3d printed homes" things for years and years. We've had pre fabricated materials and whole pre-fab homes. Many pre-fab homes are amazing and better than what I live in now.

Prices have not been coming down.

There are thousands of abandoned / empty houses.

When it comes to the price of homes / housing, the problems are not supply, it's financing; and in places where there is bountiful supply of housing, crime, and employment often deter people.

The op Article was about housing, and not about "basic economics"