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Ocean Grove was founded in 1869 as an outgrowth of the camp meeting movement in the United States, when a group of Methodist clergymen, led by William B. Osborn and Ellwood H. Stokes, formed the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to develop and operate a summer camp meeting site on the New Jersey seashore.[14] By the early 20th century, the popular Christian meeting ground became known as the "Queen of Religious Resorts."[15] The community's land is still owned by the camp meeting association and leased to individual homeowners and businesses. Ocean Grove remains the longest-active camp meeting site in the United States.

Ocean Grove, New Jersey


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I highly suggest listening to this multi part podcast by Reveal News. They do amazing investigative journalism on many topics but their work on American Rehabs has lead to many, many lawsuits and federal investigations since it aired.

Reveal exposes how a treatment for drug addiction has turned tens of thousands of people into an unpaid, shadow workforce.


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Fuck homework and extra help after school or band or soccer or robotics club or volunteer work or just relaxing because 8 fucking hours of school is a fucking full time job. Don’t you come home and relax a bit after work?

They have their whole lives to work and be adults and have a shitty time. Let them be kids. Let them play, let them rest, let them join clubs and sports to try and find what interests them.

That’s not saying that NO minor under 18 shouldn’t have a job but there are laws for a reason and that reason is that they get exploited by the owners that don’t give a fuck about them and that decades of research and history has shown us what is and isn’t healthy and safe for kids. But you know better compared to all of that I’m guessing, right?