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Isn’t an important part of science to be skeptical of new findings? One of the metrics the article uses is attitudes that scientists are corruptible, as if we should deny that bias can have a huge affect on research. Research that is funded by billionaire think tanks and corporations should be closely scrutinized, they aren’t paying these scientists for results that hurt their bottom line.


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My neighborhood growing up used to get door to door JWs all the time. My two favorite memories of them: I had a babysitter who was Mexican and she pretended she couldn’t speak English. Days later they show back up with a Spanish speaker asking to talk to “the Mexican family who lives here” and my mom was like - I have no idea what you’re talking about. The second: my family was on our porch with our Labrador and some JWs starting walking up our staircase. The dog was very gentle and sweet, but didn’t like them for some reason and wound up chasing them down the block. Never saw them again.