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It's probably my favourite of theirs. They were a big part of my twenties. I never cared for Nirvana but they were an important band for lots of reasons. Soundgarden were my guys and their music sounds as good now as it did back then. RIP Kurt and Chris ❤️


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This is a great analysis. I'm 52, my parents named me after one of his songs and I've never found anyone who comes close in terms of songwriting.

He wrote this song in one night after being refused a hotel room because of his dishevelled appearance. I could die happy if I'd just written this one song. He dashed this off in a few hours before he'd really even started to show what he was capable of. This song encapsulates this year for me. Happy 2023 to all.


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I first saw this film in 2002 when I was newly married with a new baby and exhausted and overwhelmed. My ex husband was upstairs on his computer and eventually had to come downstairs to find out what I was laughing at. It was a couple of hours of total joy at a time I really needed it and I'll love that film forever because of it ❤️


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Ohhhh I adore that album. I know a lot of Smiths fans don't but it's a favourite of mine. My brother gave me a copy for my birthday about 20 years ago and it had been years since I'd heard it. Paint a Vulgar Picture overwhelmed me to tears. They've been one of the most important bands of my life ❤️