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That is simply an ass saving statement to state that “although there is data, we are not saying this is 100% true all the time”.

HKU also did a study providing similar outcomes

> Everything China does is wrong

I mean, even from a completely neutral point of view, it’s pretty hard to not see this as absolute truth when related to this pandemic.

What have they done right? Let’s list all the things they’ve done wrong and see if you can match them with positives

  • Allowed pandemic to happen either through poor health standards or a lab accident
  • Ignored then silenced / punished the original doctor reporting the outbreak
  • Freely allowed infected people to leave the country, rallied against countries that wanted to impose travel bans
  • Had companies and individuals buy up massive amounts of PPE in other countries, crippling local stockpiles
  • Used economic warfare against those who spoke out against their behaviour
  • Used the pandemic as a backdrop for a hostile takeover of HK, entering a state of non compliance with the Joint Declaration Treaty
  • Refused to accept western offerings of mRNA vaccines which are factually superior due to this conflicting with the lie that Chinese science and technology is at an equivalent level to that of America
  • Continued with ineffective, dystopian, wide scale snap lockdowns resulting in deaths
  • Lifted all restrictions abruptly with no warning or preparation, almost seeming to be done out of spite towards the people who dared to protest against Xi and his policies

It goes on and on. There are so many, I don’t have time to list them all. China should be harshly dealt with through the insourcing of manufacturing and crippling sanctions to force regime change. There is no hope for peaceful coexistence with the CCP / China under Xi.


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> before Omicron really hit the world

What does that have to do with anything? The vaccine has poor efficacy against the variant. The data proves this. How much the variant had spread at the time the study was conducted is completely irrelevant unless the control group was too small or the study was flawed somehow.

> Sinovac still offers considerable protect

Define “considerable”? In a population so large, you will want highly effective vaccines because more room for failure will result in larger numbers of people becoming severely infected leading to the hospital system falling over much faster.

Nothing China has done has been sensible or smart. Everything they have done, since the beginning of the pandemic which they fucking started, has been either inept, self centred or down right malicious.


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Do you remember when the majority of Reddit users lived in countries where vaccine efficacy and distribution were handled well? How about when India was able to properly vaccinate their people with mRNA vaccines? Do you also remember that China refused to admit their vaccines were trash while simultaneously refusing to accept mRNA vaccines from the west even when offered and then stupidly lifted all restrictions after brainwashing their population into fearing the virus because of their own horrible policies, hubris and overall retardation?

Cause I do.

And now they want to infect the world again with variants that have thrived due to this stupidity?

Yeah, fuck right off please.