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The Eagles album surpassed Thriller pretty recently. It seems like they surpassed Thriller in 2018. Edit: Here are some articles from 2018 when they surpassed Thriller: first, second, third.

Second, Eagles greatest hits is not the greatest selling album of all time. It only surpassed Thriller in the US. Thriller is still the best selling album of all time globally and by a huge margin. EDIT: Here is the RIAA charts. Here are the global numbers.

So the above comment is correct.


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Thats cool. Millions of other people would and did. MJ still writes and sings tho. I like how you switched from writing, to singing, to what you would pay to see. You took a sudden turn when someone called you out when they mentioned the artists you like also have their songs written for them. And you ignored my point about MJ writing a good portion of his songs.

Your comments seem like they're trying to dismiss an artist's talent. I think all artists mentioned should be appreciated for the talent they possess. If you don't feel they deserve your appreciation then put your energy into those you think deserve it. Why don't you summarize your point while you're here?


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No. He sings and writes. He wrote 4 out of the 9 songs in the Thriller album including Billie Jean and Beat it. Here is his demo for Beat it, it sounds almost like the released.

He's still a great singer and one of the best dancers/performer. If we are really out here measuring talent...the artists I saw on your profile also sing songs that others write and they don't dance as well as MJ.