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I don't think the HUD is deliberately setting out to deceive people. But if Vermont is rigorously counting every person in a shelter, hotel room, and encampment than it's data will be more accurate but appear worse then some one from, say Nebraska, idk, who sends one person out to an encampment and says,"well this seems like 200 people."


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People really think DARPA is all about the money at is thrown at it, but they overlook how DARPA technology actually gets integrated into the civilian market. You've all heard, "technology X can do anything except leave the laboratory." But manufacturers can sell technology to the military at much higher prices then they can to civilians. So manufacturers work out the kinks in their processes while selling to the military then they have a product they can actually sell at a scale to make a profit. The UK's biotech industry works a lot of the same way, with the NHS being pipeline for cutting edge technology to be supplied to the masses.


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The Taliban's word is shit. They haven't kept any of their promises about treatment of women, or not harboring Al-Qaeda. The 8 years they were in power in the 90s their camps trained 20,000 fighters who went on to commit atrocities across Africa and the ME. There is every reason to think they would do it again. There might be nothing the West can do for the Afghan people, but should definitely not give them the means to expand their regime.