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what you've spent is a sunk cost at this point.

if you keep the stuff and enjoy it, you've spent the money

if you sell it and lose money on the resale, you've spent the money

you seem to be in a decent financial position with your savings and with what i presume your education will be able to get you salary wise... IMO keep the stuff, enjoy what you have, and be more mindful about your spending in the future. come up with an acceptable budget amount that you can be comfortable on spending as hobby/entertainment.


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find a similar house that's for rent, and partner B should pay approximately half what the rental cost is as their housing expense. they are a tenant, and should pay what a tenant pays.

other ongoing bills (utilities, cable/internet/TV tax... that's a thing in the UK IIRC?) should be split 50/50, or based on income, whatever they believe is fair for their relationship.


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There is always a monthly minimum payment.

Failure to pay this minimum amount on time every month will likely cancel the promotional deferred interest and you'll immediately start getting charged interest and/or even be charged retroactive interest


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> I diagree with this because I couldn't wait to get out on my own and I had and still have a good relationsip with my father and that was 25 years ago. Every ones situation is diffrent. I would however, always plan for the worst case scenario.

Check out OP's posting history for extra reasons to why I believe OP's father will reneg on giving OP the car.


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You should probably just google "cost of living (your city)" and find a chart that shows the low/average/high amounts of money people spend on typical living expenses like rent, utilities, transportation, food, etc

Start from there and see how much you need to earn every month after taxes. Then add 30% on top for taxes/deductions.

Then look for jobs that will be paying that amount of money that you can apply for and would be willing to hire you.


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>I paid a large amount to have two pods delivered to me to Washington(from Texas), based on the start of my house lease in Washington. PODS however changed the delivery date to a week later, after one of the two pods was delivered. > >They then changed the delivery time in Washington, from early morning to late in the evening. I therefore had to cancel the movers(to unload the items from the PODS) and then reschedule them again, at a much higher price. I raised a Credit card dispute with Fidelity, send all the PODS issue tracking numbers etc but it was declined as "there was discrepancy between what I said the first time and what I send the second time(I asked them to explain further but they declined)" > >Fast forward to 3 months, I see new charges on my credit card account from PODS. These charges are processed and then quickly reversed. Credit card company says that I need to talk to PODS(the best that they can do is send me a new credit card) and PODS says that they have not made the credit card transaction. > >Is there anything I can do here? I would really like to get to the bottom of this.

You need to talk to PODS


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>My partner and I have been trying to get a hold of our budget for a while now, and we're doing okay. The one main thing that is EATING our budget is my car. Between car payment (476 but I pay 550), insurance (103), and gas (~120), it can eat up around 800 a month. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. The public transit isn't that great, so a car is almost necessary. I live in a walkable neighborhood so getting essentials is relatively easy, but I fear my social life will tank bc I cannot easily see my friends or do things.

How much would it cost to ask your friends for rides or Uber to places?