lilmammamia t1_itu2pug wrote

The only plastic bottles I regularly consume are for the white vinegar I use for cooking and cleaning. I drink tap water and I don’t buy soft drinks, juices or things like that.

If plastic bottles are not sustainable and we can’t go back to glass either for other reasons, people need to rethink what they consume. Do you really need weekly liters of Mountain Dew or Ocean Spray in multi packs of individual bottles in your fridge to survive ? It’s just bubbly dyes and sugar.

When I want a refreshing drink, I have pure lemon concentrate in a glass bottle that I dilute in water and it’s like homemade lemonade. That bottle lasts about two months. Or just use fresh lemons.

At some point, we are all going to have to balance our personal gratification vs our actual needs vs how our consumption impacts environment.


lilmammamia t1_itkypm6 wrote

I’m French and while I haven’t yet read The Count of Monte Cristo I read mostly 19th century authors and it is common for characters in books of that time to address each other as “madame” and “monsieur” so it is likely in the original text and wasn’t added in translation simply to convey the formality of “vous”.

French literature can be so formal, not all of it but a lot, I have read novels written in the first half of the 20th century where couples who live together use the formal “vous” to each other.