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The same results can be achieved by just putting in an appropriate amount of cold normal matter (dust, rocks, planetoids, etc.) into the same functions. We still wouldn't be able to see any of this additional matter and so it would be "invisible" to the EM spectrum (meaning invisible to us).

This provides some evidence of matter being there, not its exotic form or imaginary nature as proposed by "dark matter" theories.


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The key is eating your protein in small amounts through the day. That's what gets converted best to blood glucose and lasts the longest in your system. It can be dairy, nuts, slim jims, peanut butter, jerky, etc.

There's no need to eat more that the daily amount of protein, of course. Just, as you say, spread it out during the day over five meals instead of the usual three.


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>Mainly my worry is a simultaneous war in Europe and Asia,

Don't be ridiculous. No one wants to keep fighting this bullshit invasion except Putin. And that impotent little Vladolf Shitler doesn't even pose a legitimate threat to Europe, let alone NATO...and he knows it.

That's why he attacked Ukraine instead of a NATO European country after all.


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More evidence that Russia's once vaunted nuclear arsenal is in the same state of collapsed corrupt disrepair as its conventional forces have proven to be. First, Putin bans inspectors when the world starts asking the big questions about his nuclear threats impotent bluffs. Next, he calls for new disarmament talks -- in the middle of a war, hello? And now he won't even confirm the country is nuclear anymore by withdrawing from decades-old test ban treaties.


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Legalize/decriminalize and regulate quality and age access (like everyone already does with alchohol, tobacco, and now marijuana).

Adults have the right to do whatever they want to their own bodies, just not to all the rest of us, of course. It is, after all, the very meaning of being an adult, right?


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> We are currently evolving in space.

We are not.

>Evolution never stops.

This is true.

>Technology is a part of our evolution.

It is not.

Machines (or human consciousness in machines) is the future of all space exploration beyond this solar system.