liltooclinical t1_iy675ro wrote

"What is this nonsense!?" Dana just kept scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling. "Some of these are so bad I could change 'fae' to 'The Hamburglar' and it might even be ironically funny but I'd probably want to puke writing it."

"Doesn't anyone want to live in the real world anymore?" She put her phone down and tried looking out the window again. Unconsciously she grabbed her phone, went through her ridiculously complicated unlocking process, and started scrolling again. She scolded herself. The inspiration wasn't coming and it certainly wasn't going to be found here today.

"No," she answered her own question, "no they don't. Have I seen the real world lately? It sucks!"

Just then, there was notification. Her phone buzzing in her hands startled her. "No it doesn't! Come out with me tonight and I promise you'll have your inspiration!"

No name, just a number.

She stared incredulously at her phone. Without really thinking she wrote back, "Where are we going?"

"To Hell if we don't change our sinnin' ways!" a loud voice boomed behind her. Dana shrieked and reflexively tossed her phone into the air. She tumbled from her cheap office chair before her dormitory desk. Looking up she saw her roommate was doubled-over, laughing and struggling to breathe.

"Do you--" Faith wheezed, struggling to speak through heavy breaths and bouts of giggling, "do you always talk to yourself when you're alone?"

"Screw you!" Dana hissed. "Do you have something real you want to say or are you just here to bother me?"

"For real, the world doesn't suck! Come out with me and my friends tonight and we'll show you!"

"Where we going?"

"No for real, we're going to Hell."