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"doesn't seem like very long from now to get to what I assume I would need; roughly $3 mil or so."

Your issue is you are basing this entire thing on an arbitrary number. All you can do is invest as much as you can and whatever you have in 20 years, that's your retirement number if you decide to call it quits at 65. So much depends on what you plan to do in retirement. Society sells us this image of retirees jetting off around the world after grafting for 40 years when the reality is most retirees just want to sit on the porch, enjoy the sunshine and pet their dog. I don't know about you but I don't need 3 million dollars for that!


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Social media will not exist in the future. At it's essence "social media" is a data harvesting platform that takes your personal data and sells it to advertisers make money. Although it's going to take longer than we'd like, governments will soon institute robust data protections for users. When that happens social media will no longer be profitable. Remember, social media in 2023 has NOTHING to do with sharing pictures, videos, stories. It's 100% about mining you for your personal data and selling that data, without your explicit permission, for profit. That's ALL it is. Social Media's picture, videos and stories are nothing more than the medium through which your ad preferences are refined.


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The honest reason? Who writes the regulations? The same people who have private planes. Banned lead in avgas would basically mean retiring the majority of the private planes in the US. Rich guys don't like that, regulations remain unchanged. If the regulation was pushed through the oil companies would absolutely, 100%, develop an alternative and they'd do it quickly. Right now they have quite literally ZERO motivation to do so.


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With a credit score of 655 you're not likely to get a good rate on any loan. Your best strategy is the aggressively pay off the credit card debt and personal loan ASAP. Your auto loan depends on the interest rate. That will do way more for your credit than taking out even more loans.


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This was guaranteed to happen but it's great that it's happening now. OpenAI, Google, Microsoft etc. are going to have no option but build in the concept of trusted sources to their AI models so that is learns to recognize misinformation, irony etc.

Right now it's chaos and that expected behaviour. AI is already in HEAVY use in technical circles and it is scarcely believable how much of a time-saver it is. Issues like this just scares away the troglodytes which, right now, is a good thing.


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It certainly could, yes. At this point we're back at ground zero in Alzheimer's research. Perhaps once the scientists look at the data without the bogus research the real cause will pop right out and we'll have a potential treatment path in a few years or it could take another 30 years to get where we need to go. There's no way to tell at this point.


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No issue with doing it, I do it all the time. One piece of advice though. Always, always, always, do a test transaction first before working with any bank of any kind. I always initiate a $100 transfer, wait till it clears, make sure there's no issue and then, and only then, do I xfer the full amount and only do it FROM Marcus back to your origin account. This prevents any potential issue especially with incorrectly entered account numbers. It's no big deal to unravel a screwed-up $100 transfer, notsomuch a $40,000 one!

I've had the best luck with Marcus and Ally so you should have no issues. Quick transfers too.


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Having a connected bank account at 26 is not normal. Just be 100% aware of that. You need to open a new account at a new bank, get your paycheck and all bills connected to that and then close this account. Whether she takes offence or not is not your problem. You also need to get your own phone and own phone bill.

Long term you need to decide if you are willing to financially support your parents. If you get married that will become a joint decision so you need to be thinking long and hard about it now. It is very easy to transfer money to other bank accounts if you need to send her money. Zelle exists literally for this purpose. Your mom doesn't need it, Zelle just sends the money direct to her bank account from yours.


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It is beyond ludicrous that US government-issued phones aren't locked-down, highly encrypted and incapable of downloading apps from Google or Apple. It's pure nonsense. They have cameras and microphones on them FFS and these people are in highly sensitive meetings all the time.

THAT should be the story here. Get off Twitter and Tik Tok on your work phones you idiots.


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The apprentice system is what developed the drivers. You have to understand that back in the day apprenticeships could last DECADES. I grew up in a tiny village in the UK with a major rail junction and pretty much all the families there had worked in the industry for at least one hundred years. Most of the drivers were 40+ before they became drivers. Most were apprentices for 20 years. The story I was always told is the test they were given is to stop a fully loaded passenger train so the door of the first carriage would stop right in front of the inspector with no inching up. Clean stop from cruising speed, inch-perfect.


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So these situations are difficult. It's obviously not a rational fear you're dealing with since any schmuck could walk in his house, steal the bag and leave. That's FAR more likely than fire.

Instead of trying to convince him to put it in a bank can you persuade him to let you "take care of it" for him? And then you put it in the bank?


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Is your spending under control now or are you still using those cards?

Assuming you have the spending under control you need to look into debt consolidation loans. If you do not qualify, can you ask a parent to co-sign?

If you have no options for co-signers and can't get a loan you are going to have to work 80 hour weeks and take every cent that isn't bare essentials food, housing and transport and use it to pay off the debt.


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Not filing a police report pretty much guarantees they are not going to find in your favor. Report it today and get that filed and then appeal the decision from Wells Fargo. Once you get your money back THEN you close the accounts.


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"it's common advice that you should never give your current salary or salary expectations in an interview"

That's the goal. But it's not black and white. The entire process is a dance. If you show up with clown shoes on and stomp on their toes they're going to show you the door. You need to learn to play the game, do the dance and turn it to your advantage.


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People need to understand that transplants are never actually successful. When someone gets a new kidney/lung/heart the body wholeheartedly rejects it. The recipient has to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of their life which does nothing more than slow down the bodies ability to reject the organ. But reject it will. Consider that only half the people who get a lung transplant (for example) live 5 more years.

So you have that approach or you have a prosthetic. Prosthetic wins.