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Yeah I mean, the reason "organic" things "look organic" is inherently because they conformed to their shape using largely the same type of mechanisms these AI designed parts use.

So it makes sense and is super cool.

The really fancy part is the design process can include "is easy to manufacture with 3d printers without supports" as part of its training set

So you can end up with these optimized organic looking parts that can also easily "print in place" from industrial machines


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Personally I think this is purely a "works on paper but not in practice" scenario.

The issue is that the intersection of "people who live in greener neighborhoods" and "people who cant afford air conditioning" is very very very slim.

What will happen is as you go and plant more trees, shortly after property values in that area will shoot up and make it less affordable.

So the only people who benefit in the long run are those who were already well off in the first place, resulting in the lower classes (the group most heavily affected by heat waves) not gaining any of this benefit at all.

The upper class will just further cement their upper class'ness, and you'll just have the nicer neighborhoods becoming even more nicer, and the medium neighborhoods becoming gentrified and elevating to nice neighborhoods.


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Albertan here.

The really funny part about this bill is it can 100% backfire on the UCP party the moment they lose the upcoming election and the NDP (our left leaning party) gets voted in.

This bill cuts both ways and gives a lot of power to the party, which means the NDP could "abuse it" to force in a bunch of stuff that will quickly close up all the stupid loopholes the conservatives have been abusing, then use the bill to self terminate itself through its own powers.

It's basically handing the NDP party the ultimate uno reverso card, all they have to do is win the election though...

I swear to fucking god if the UCP gets elected again I will prolly consider selling my house and move provinces, I would lose all faith in my fellow albertans.

However from what I have seen even the fairly rooted conservatives have felt like the right wing is poisoned by the UCP over the past few years and have crossed the line towards the left, thats how bad the UCP fucked up.

Even some of my rigorously conservative family members are like "fuck the UCP" so I have a bit of hope lol


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Yes, Alberta has a lot of important resources Canada needs and it's kind of in the inside of Canada, lol

We make up a respectable chunk of exports for canada's economy, and a lot of pipelines and highways run right through the middle of us.

Alberta sovereignty would never play out, its purely the UCP party trying to force the federal government to tell them "lol no" so they can whine about how awful "the libs" are for not letting them do what they want.


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This likely will be largely net positive.

If you get say, 10,000 sites on the map and you have to path through 500 of them, and you rank them and choose the least useful sites, that's not so bad.

In return the tourism injection funnels money into all the other 9500 sites, giving you money to preserve those really well.

It's a lot like how the "pay momey to shoot an endangered animal" programs in Africa are actually protecting the species, cause the money they make for 1 animal dying pays enough to protect and save 1000 others.

And now that it's profitable, locals have a vested interest in preserving them because it brings in money.


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From the article:

> The report noted that China’s Xinjiang region is where 40 to 45 percent of the polysilicon for use in the solar photovoltaic supply chain is sourced, and about 2.6 million Kazakh and Uyghur people have been interned, coerced and subjected to “re-education programs” there, reported The Guardian.

Thats a lot more than "1%"


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So far the way people respond to robots seems to be heavily influenced by the way the robot looks.

The SPOT robots (the yellow doglike ones) seem to be super popular and well received due to, well, their resemblance to a dog. I have had some interactions with them and I shit you not sometimes people straight up try and give it scritches to see what happens.

When people respond positively like this it likely correlates to people treating it well. People typically dont go out of their way to hurt small cute animals walking around.


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You didnt really read then.

The article is effectively stating that the 12VHPWR connector standard is perfectly fine and plenty robust to handle its job, in general, and that people are fearmongering over the connecter standard being bad, when it is very much plenty fine.

NVIDIA however produced an extremely cheap and shitty adapter for it they shipped with their cards, and its the adapter that is failing, because they made it very cheaply and didnt not comply to 12VHPWR standards.

It is 100% NVIDIA's fault though, Im not sure what makes you think the article said anything opposite of that.


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This is a classic play from the united states playbook not too long ago.

It was common practice for feminists to suddenly be declared having come down with a terrible case of "hysteria" back in the day, and get shipped off to wards to be lobotimized.

Same goes for basically anyone who dared come out publicly regarding being LGBT (Im leaving Q off in the case since, at the time, the "Q" part was uh... not so much as reclaimed at that point and just a straight up slur)

Doctors discovered that folks who didnt "fit in" with society perfectly could be simply lobotomized and silenced... so they just did it.


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I thought I heard awhile back this is because they arent hybrid animals, turns out.

I thought it was found that grizzly bears and polar bears are the same bears, just different colors, or at least are so genetically close you may as well just call them different breeds of the same species, thus it makes sense their offspring can still breed.