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ETFs are better than mutual funds in a taxable account. It gets complicated for why, but its just slightly more tax efficient. Mostly splitting hairs.

Also, FZROX can only be owned through Fidelity, so if you ever wanted to leave Fidelity, you'd have to sell your FZROX and incur a large tax penalty. With a retirement account, this isn't an issue.

ETFs though are portable and can go to any brokerage.


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Just remember, the days of a Carvana throwing a huge check at every car is over.

If the car is "worth" $50k, I bet a dealership offer you less than $40k. So you'll have to cough up the difference to satisfy the loan.

Might be worth your time to sell it yourself if you can get an extra $10k. Your not really out anything if you try to sell and no one buys, you can always take it to a dealer.


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Advisors aren't ground troops, the US has advisors in every country. "In 1954, the French suffered a catastrophic defeat at Dien Bien Phu, bringing their colonial reign to an end. Some U.S. officials had pushed for air strikes, including the possible use of nuclear weapons, to save the French position. But Dwight D. Eisenhower, who succeeded Truman, demurred, refusing to involve the United States in another major conflict so soon after the Korean War."

Kennedy is who threw the US into Vietnam.

Brush up on your history.


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No soldiers had been deployed to Vietnam until Kennedy, Eisenhower was adamant about that. Well documented. Eisenhower had no appetite to get the US into another war.

Kennedy got the US into Vietnam to show he was "tough" on Communism.


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You should be able to unscrew the whole stem and just replace without cutting anything. You're not sweating in a new valve.

But otherwise on removing a screw, left hand drill bits (so it grinds in while screwing it out), cutting a slot so you can use a flat head screwdriver, maybe even just vise grips are good techniques.

I would soak it in something like PB Blaster or AeroKroil (just be aware these things can stink and linger, especially PB Blaster)