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If you like flicker artifacts and bouncing around gaze vergence, sure. If you want stereo fusion, good edge detection and depth estimation, and smooth saccades, you'll probably want an event camera. Ideally, you'd have a robot eyeball with a beamsplitter inside with an event camera sensor grid on one side, and a traditional camera-CCD sensor on the other. That way, an event at one of the event camera pixels can trigger a pixel dump on the corresponding CCD color subpixels. Better yet would be a Foveon-style stacked-RGB CCD, which could match 1:1 resolution with the event camera in color. You could do the sensor fusion on a dedicated ASIC hooked up to both cameras and let them both do what they do best.


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Isp is the term you want, it's a measure of fuel efficiency for generated thrust. For example, Ultra Safe Nuclear generated a reference design for NASA for a small, 25MWth NTR with an Isp of 900 seconds. Traditional chemical rockets (like the Raptor engines from SpaceX) are ~325-360 seconds depending on altitude.


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The roboticist Pentti Haikonen has put forth the idea that natural (and by extension) artificial consciousness hinges on qualia, and that we won't develop said artificial consciousness until we can implement qualia-centric hardware of sufficient complexity. Considering that human wetware functions on a similar premise, i.e. that our conscious existence depends on inter-neural communication that is independent of objectivity, would you think this theory holds water?


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I've been keeping track of Dava Newman's work on the MIT prototype BioSuit for the past several years, and spacesuit tech just keeps getting better and better. I think future suits will also be three layers: body stocking-type skinsuit layer, smart mechanical counterpressure layer with hard seals, and a coverall-type thing with radiation shielding, pockets, and so on. Snap on some gloves, boots, and a helmet and be good to go.


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Every snake I've ever met has been super chill, except for the rattlesnake on the hiking trail who was a big scaredy boi that didn't want to play. Fortunately nature gave him a fuckoff noise organ that quickly alerted us to his preference. Snakes are alright.